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There is never a dull moment with the Mega Millions! Just recently a massive Mega Millions jackpot was split between 2 ticket holders, and many more massive lottery draws are available to players. If you're looking for the latest Mega Millions news, you've arrived at the premier destination for real-time updates.

The Next Lucky Winner Could be You

Scores of players from Australia and beyond play the Mega Millions lottery. You never know when your lucky numbers are going to hit – you may just be holding the winning ticket and not even know it! Check our news updates for everything you need to know about the Mega Millions; you’ve arrived at Mega Millions central!

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Play the Mega Millions Megaplier to Multiply your Prize

with the new and improved Mega Millions lottery offering a guaranteed $40 million jackpot, more and more players are flocking to Mega Millions. Of course they are! With a starting jackpot that big who wouldn’t want to win it? But, take a look at the prize table and you will see that Mega Millions offers plenty of great secondary prizes. Look a little closer at the rules and you’ll see that the Mega Millions Megaplier multiplies secondary prizes by 2-5 times, including the $1 million 2nd prize! Which is why, it is always a good idea to play the Mega Millions Megaplier to multiply your prize.

What is the Megaplier?

Here’s a quick refresher; check the Megaplier option on your Mega Millions entry to multiply all secondary prizes by 2-5 times. This will add $1 to the cost of your ticket, but it could pay off if you win an additional $4 million with your Mega Millions 2nd prize. The Mega Plier will be randomly drawn with the other numbers in the draw to determine what the prize multiplier will be.

How to turn $1 million into $5 million; play the Megaplier

On 22 September 2017 Paul and Norma Fox of Cortlandt, New York guessed all five main numbers 5, 39, 54, 63, 66 in the Mega Millions draw to win the 2nd prize! Luckily, they played the Megaplier and turned the $1 million 2nd prize into an incredible $5 million! Paul recounts checking the results and realizing they had won:
“I checked online and saw that we matched five numbers. I called for Norma and told her we won $1,000,000. She was shocked,” then Paul double-checked the ticket. “I forgot I played the megaplier. I was speechless when I realized.”
For an extra $1 spent on the Mega Millions ticket, Paul and Norma Fox won an additional $4 million! Seems like a good decision to me!

Great Secondary Prizes With the Megaplier Makes for a Winning Combination!

The Mega Millions jackpot rightfully gets a lot of attention; it is the star of the show. Since the jackpot starts at $40 million this is only natural. However, as you can see Mega Millions has incredible secondary prizes that, when multiplied, can add up to serious money! No matter what the jackpot is doing, there’s always a chance to win big with Mega Millions secondary prizes! Play Mega Millions online today for your chance to win big!

Mega Millions Winning Syndicate

Mega Millions attract lottery players from all over the world who are looking to play one of the biggest and most exciting jackpots on the planet. With so many players buying tickets for the Mega Millions there is also every style of lottery play imaginable. Syndicates are one of the most popular ways to playContinue Reading

Virginia Lottery Not Ready for Mega Millions Rules Changes

The new look Mega Millions is already causing quite a stir. Recent changes to Mega Millions have set the lottery on a path that could lead to a jackpot record. Of course, changing the rules of a lottery is very exciting for the players; it also means a great deal of legwork for the lotteryContinue Reading

Mega Millions Changes Are Coming!

Mega Millions changes are coming, and they’re coming very soon! The changes will happen later this month and the direct result is that Mega Millions jackpots will be bigger than ever before. In fact, we may have a situation very soon when Mega Millions offers a billion dollar jackpot! Mega Millions has always been inContinue Reading

Win the Lotto 3 Times? Yes, But You Must Play!

US Mega Millions rolled over and jumped to an impressive $86 million. Mega Millions is starting to blossom into a fragrant lottery flower overflowing with jackpot nectar and ready to polinate your bank account. All the busy lottery bees are buzzing to play Mega Millions and for good reason. Speaking of unbelievable stories, a CanadianContinue Reading

Picking Winning Lottery Numbers

With US Mega Millions at a mouthwatering $53 million heading into this weekend’s draw, there is understandably considerable excitement and intrigue. Ticket sales are heating up, both domestically and online. Lottery players are desperately seeking any edge possible to try to improve their chances of winning. Who wouldn’t want an edge when it comes toContinue Reading

Did You Win the Mega Millions 393 Million USD Jackpot?

Did you win the Mega Millions 393 million USD jackpot? Did you purchase your ticket in Illinois by any chance? If so, it would be wise to check the ticket and see if you are the winner of the August 11th draw! According to information released by Mega Millions, the winning ticket was a QuickContinue Reading

Seventh Largest Mega Millions Jackpot

What could you win this week if you play the lottery? You could win the seventh largest Mega Millions jackpot ever! At $346 million, Mega Millions offers the biggest lottery prize in the world, surpassing the top prize at rival multi-state lottery Powerball, where the jackpot is currently $307 million. If you purchase your MegaContinue Reading

Could a Psychic Win Mega Millions?

Think of it. If you knew the results of a lottery draw in advance, you would be very rich! With the Mega Million’s jackpot currently set at $303 million, it would be great to know which numbers will come up in the draw. You could foresee the future if you were a psychic, right? ButContinue Reading

Top Seven Reasons to Play Mega Millions

You probably don’t need to be convinced to play Mega Millions, the American lottery currently offering an incredible $262 million jackpot prize. In fact, you may be on your way to purchase your Mega Millions tickets at this very moment. But, if you’re hesitating, wondering if this is the lottery to play, we’re here forContinue Reading