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$61 Million Can Be Yours This Friday with Mega Millions!

It’s been a slow climb since the last win, but the third biggest jackpot in the world has reached $61 million, and this Friday it can be yours. Get your lucky numbers and your dream gift list ready, because this amount is too good to miss. Don’t waste any more time – play Mega Millions today!

The Big Reveal

Winning the jackpot is life changing and as so can be a bit intimidating at times. That can be one explanation to why winners choose to take their time before coming forward with a win. And that’s exactly what happened to one lucky jackpot winner from Lubbock, Texas.

Eliberto Cantu, 71, purchased a winning Mega Millions ticket back in March 30 in Little Rock, Arkansas. The jackpot was set to $177 million and a single winning ticket was announced, however it was only until last week when Mr. Cantu came forward. According to the winner, he preferred to get his financial state in order before claiming the prize, stating at a press conference “All I can say is, we’re blessed – and keep buying lottery tickets!”

The winning amount – $177 million – is the biggest ever won in Arkansas earning the retailor $50,000 bonus commission. The winner, Mr. Cantu, plans to spend his money on traveling, rebuild their home church and quitting his job. As regular lottery players, the winning family plans to continue playing and winning big.

Mega Millions Recent Results

Tuesday’s winning numbers were 3-13-33-40-50 and Megaball 2. Two lucky ticket holders from Maine and New York matched 5 numbers and cashed $1 million each. With the megaplier option, they would have won $4 million this draw! What a miss!

This Friday is your chance to change your story – play Mega Millions to win $61 million!

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