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Better Lottery Odds for Cheap!

Mega Millions has done it again and rolled over, rising to an impressive $131 million! That’s good enough to be the second highest jackpot in the world, right after US Powerball. Not that anyone would complain about winning $131 million or stop to think that they had won the second highest jackpot in the world! Because at the end of the day, $131 million is a huge amount of money and would be enough to make any dream come true. Of course you cannot win if you do not play, so, get your Mega Millions tickets now for Friday’s drawing to give yourself a chance to win the big jackpot.

Corner the lottery

All lottery players are playing to win and looking for every advantage that they can possibly get. But what if you could give yourself close to 100% winning odds, how would you do it? One lottery syndicate in Australia did just that by cornering the Virginia Lottery in a draw in 1992 and buying 5 million out of 7 million possible number combinations. While the Australian syndicate spent $5 million to be the sole winners of the $27 million jackpot, their effort was not without huge logistical hurdles.
For one thing the Australian syndicate had to come up with $5 million, which they did. They also had to pay retailers to print them 5 million tickets, a process that took weeks! Which is to say, that cornering a lottery is incredible difficult.

We’re going to need a bigger boat

Mega Millions would be even harder to corner because the odds of winning are lower, 1:258,890,850. Rather than buying 7 million combinations, a player would have to buy close to 300 million combinations! Not to mention that the challenge of printing all those tickets would be that much harder.

Better odds for cheap

But, there are ways to play the Mega Millions with an edge on the competition: play syndicates. Syndicates are group entries in which players buy a share of the entry with winnings paid out according to shares. For example, if there were a 1000 line syndicate and a player purchases 20 lines, they’ll have the odds of 1000 lines for the price of 20 lines. If the jackpot were $100 million and the syndicate was the sole winner, the player with a 20 line share would take home $2 million! Not bad at all!
Since cornering the entire Mega Millions lottery is, well, impossible, there’s one thing that players can do to greatly increase their odds; find a syndicate and play!

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