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Let the Battle of the US Lottery Giants Commence!

Things are happening in the US. The elections are coming up, although it is not 100% clear yet who will be the final candidates who will go head to head in the race towards the presidency. It seems like Trump will be the Republican candidate, much to the dismay of the Republican party itself. On the side of the Democrats, it seems like Hillary Clinton will make it this time around. Although Bernie Sanders has had quite a few tricks up his sleeve, or so we noticed in recent months. Elections are important, but there is more to life than listening to candidates trying to sell themselves to the people. Much more! A $235 MILLION US Mega Millions jackpot – how does that sound? Yes, it sounds so good it actually makes you forget about a lot of other, trivial stuff. Trump? Clinton? Who???

The Slowest Growing Mega Millions Jackpot Ever?

Exciting lottery battle between two US lottery giantsIt took exactly 23 rollovers to turn the Mega Millions jackpot from the default amount of $15 million into the glorious $235 million it currently offers. The jackpot is well over $200 million, but the latest jackpot jump didn’t even reach the $20 million. What is going on? We will tell you what is going on – US Powerball is going on! The other part of the US lottery giants has been taking the wind out of US Mega Millions’ sails all year long! We’re extremely happy with the current status of the Mega Millions jackpot, but even if it is the biggest Mega Millions jackpot so far this year, it is still smaller than the smallest Powerball jackpot of the year, which reached the amount of $291 million – in 13 rollovers, mind you! Right now, the US Powerball jackpot is still in the early stages of the jackpot build up. After six rollovers, it has reached the $100 million mark. It will soon start to grow with more than the $10 million jumps it has been making so far. With a bit of luck, things will turn into a real showdown if both lotteries continue to roll over. Are you ready for that?

Even US Powerball Doesn’t Close a $135 million Gap Just Like That

There is still an ‘ocean’ the size of $135 million between both lotteries, so for now we’d strongly recommend playing your US Mega Millions lucky numbers. It doesn’t make sense to start playing for a much smaller jackpot right now, does it? Well, maybe it does to you. And who are we to judge your motives? We can only give you a piece of advice, but it is up to you to actually listen. There the option to play for the Mega Millions jackpot on Tuesday 31 May, and play the Powerball lottery the next day, on the 1st day of June that is.

A Rivalry Unmatched in the Lottery World

There are more of these so-called lottery battles, besides the one between the two big US lotteries. For example, the battle between the two available pan-European lotteries, EuroMillions and EuroJackpot. There also is the battle of the Southern European lotteries, SuperEnalotto and La Primitiva. There are probably more, but the point is not to make a full list. The point is that you decide in which lottery you want to participate this week! Did you make your choice yet?

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