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The Mega Millions Jackpot is Now AUD$240 million

Win a Life-Changing Lottery Payout this Friday!

The Mega Millions jackpot is currently standing at $216 million – or AUD$240 million to us Aussies – and the next drawing will be taking place on Friday, February 28th, 23:00 EST – which in Australian translates to Saturday, March 1st, 15:00 AEDT. few Mega Millions lotteries have reached such staggering amounts, and now is your chance to take home a monstrous jackpot payday.

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Winning the Mega Millions

As they say, you need a ticket to win it! It’s really easy to play the Mega Millions: ticket 6 numbers from 2 pools of numbers. The first set of numbers – 5 of them – range between 1 and75. The other numbers are selected from a pool containing 15 numbers (1-15). Simply match 6 numbers and presto you’ve won the mega millions lottery.

Now for the fun part! The Mega Millions lottery has rolled over to AUD$240 million – that’s enough to set you up for life and then some. We make it easy for you to select your favourite numbers to play this fantastic jackpot lottery. And when you win, you can either choose an immediate cash payment worth $119 million – AUD$133 million – or you can choose 30 annuities starting with an initial cash payout.

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