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Mega Millions Rolls Over to $74 Million!

The Mega Millions continues its climb up the top of jackpot list, placing at a comfortable third place for the upcoming draw. And while it may not be the biggest lottery in the world right now, playing online makes it even easier to join! Play now to win $74 million!

$100 Lottery Ticket

Lottery tickets are known for their low price; giving players the chance to win millions for just a few dollars, but sometimes lottery tickets can get a bit pricey.

Mega Millions introduced the $100 lottery ticket back in 2010 that has better chances of winning the second and exciting prize of $1 million. Loto-Québec is preparing its own Ultimate Ticket for the same price, with winning odds of 1:25,000!

The tickets will include instant prizes and a number for the prize draw. Overall, there will be 20 prizes of $1 million to be won. The Ultimate Ticket started on February 6th for a duration of eight weeks, only in Quebec. The grand draw of the 20 winning numbers took place on 31 March, with 500,000 tickets issued.

The lottery spokesperson commented on the ticket, saying “It’s great if you compare it to other lotteries. The price of the ticket is precisely high because it is the best chance of becoming a millionaire”. Regarding the price, he added “We are well aware that it is not within the reach of all and it is correct. It’s a product that will interest some people who can afford it”.

Recent Mega Millions Results

Winning numbers for Tuesday’s draw were 5-20-32-37-67 and Megaball 5. No first or second prize winners were announced, however 2 lucky players who opted for the megaplier and matched 4+1 took home $25,000 each!

So whether you’re interested in an expensive or cheap ticket – play Mega Millions now for a chance at $74 million!

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