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There is never a dull moment with the Mega Millions! Just recently a massive Mega Millions jackpot was split between 2 ticket holders, and many more massive lottery draws are available to players. If you're looking for the latest Mega Millions news, you've arrived at the premier destination for real-time updates.

The Next Lucky Winner Could be You

Scores of players from Australia and beyond play the Mega Millions lottery. You never know when your lucky numbers are going to hit – you may just be holding the winning ticket and not even know it! Check our news updates for everything you need to know about the Mega Millions; you’ve arrived at Mega Millions central!

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$191 Million Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Steps Forward

The Mega Millions jackpot is currently $73 million, making it the biggest lottery prize in the world right now. Mega Millions has been on a roll since its top prize was won on Friday, 27 January 2017. A single ticket holder from California has stepped forward to claim the $191 million Mega Millions jackpot fromContinue Reading

Mega Millions Rises to $64 Million!

Mega Millions is continuing its rise and now stands at $64 million for this upcoming draw on Friday, 24 February. Reasons to play are endless – don’t let this jackpot be taken by someone else! This Friday the jackpot is yours for the taking! Play Mega Millions now! A Cash Prize Being a jackpot winnerContinue Reading

Mega Millions Rises to $46 Million!

While the US Powerball continues its rule of the top of the jackpot list, the Mega Millions is on its own rise – now offering a $46 million jackpot on Friday, February 17th. People from all over the globe can join in and get their tickets. So click here and good luck! Valentine’s Day SpecialContinue Reading

Will You Be Mine? $30 Million Mega Millions Draw!

We’ve just passed the holiday season, and while most of us are still recovering from all the festivities and celebrations, the US Mega Millions continues its grow, since the amazing $191 million win in late January. This Friday, Mega Millions is offering a $30 million jackpot – which is yours for the taking! Play now!Continue Reading

Mega Millions Hot Numbers Are Yours for the Taking

The Mega Millions jackpot is currently $162 million – that’s the biggest jackpot prize in the entire world! When we dream of winning the lottery, we dream of winning it big. Playing the Mega Millions and winning such a prize could make your wildest dreams come true! So, how do you choose which numbers toContinue Reading

Man Claims Mega Millions Prize in the Nick of Time

The guaranteed Mega Millions jackpot in the upcoming draw is an incredible $137 million! Even winning a second division prize of $1 million (or possibly $5 million with the Megaplier) would be a life changing event. Imagine how fabulous it would be to win such a Mega Millions prize! On the other hand, how horrifyingContinue Reading

Mega Millions Megaplier Prizes Are Multiplied for You

Ask Linda Evans from Dry Fork, Virginia about Mega Millions Megaplier prizes. She is a very happy person. She matched five main numbers in the Mega Millions drawing on December 13, 2016, entitling her to a $1 million second division prize. Actually, Ms. Evans won a lot more than that. Her prize in the excitingContinue Reading

Last Mega Millions Draw of the Year Offers $96 Million Jackpot!

The year has nearly ended and the Mega Millions came through once again, with an amazing jackpot of $96 million. This Friday, only a day before the year ends, is your chance to win big and begin 2017 that much richer! Get your ticket now! 2016 Biggest Jackpots 2016 will be remembered as quite aContinue Reading

What Do Mega Millions Jackpot Winners Do With Their Prizes?

In July, an Indiana family identified as Warren D, LLC. became Mega Millions jackpot winners and won a $536 million jackpot prize. This was the third largest Mega Millions jackpot ever! The family chose to take the lump-sum cash option of $378 million (before taxes). The final payout after taxes: $271 million. Quite an incredible prize!Continue Reading

Just in Time for Christmas: Mega Millions Jackpot Reaches $51 Million!

The holiday season is here! While you’re preparing your shopping list and planning a vacation, make sure not to miss this amazing opportunity to celebrate the holidays in style – the Mega Millions offers $51 million this Tuesday! Start 2017 $51 million richer – play now! A Christmas Special The holiday season is well-loved allContinue Reading