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Picking Winning Lottery Numbers

With US Mega Millions at a mouthwatering $53 million heading into this weekend’s draw, there is understandably considerable excitement and intrigue. Ticket sales are heating up, both domestically and online. Lottery players are desperately seeking any edge possible to try to improve their chances of winning. Who wouldn’t want an edge when it comes to choosing the right numbers that could win you big bucks in the US Mega Millions? Which is why so many people want to know the secret to choosing lottery numbers. The good news is, we’re here to tell you! But, before you get too excited, there is no one catch all tried and true system for picking a winner every time. However, read on, get the facts, decide for yourself, and play to win!

Pick Hot Numbers

One system that many lottery players and winners use is to play hot numbers. Hot numbers are those that have been picked more often in recent draws. The thinking goes that if these numbers are on a hot streak it is a good idea to play them while they’re hot! The good news is that this information is readily available online. For example, our good friend’s at theLotter track Mega Millions’ hot numbers on their Mega Millions results page.

Pick Cold Numbers

Cold numbers are the opposite of hot numbers, they are numbers that haven’t been picked for a while. This is the reason that cold numbers are also known as ‘due numbers.’ Players who like to play cold numbers think that these numbers are due since they haven’t been selected in a long time.

Listen to the Smartest Guy in the Room

Renato Gianella from Brazil is a mathematician with a theory that flies in the face of what most mathematicians say about statistics and the lottery. The prevailing wisdom is that all numbers have an equal probability of being drawn. Gianella says that this isn’t so and he’s done some work to prove it. Gianella published an article in a Brazilian mathematics journal stating that there are nineteen groups of numbers with different probabilities of being drawn in US Mega Millions. Until we find a Portuguese translator we’ll have to say that they jury’s out on this one, but it sounds promising!

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

We’ve just barely scratched the surface of the list of secrets to picking lotto numbers, there are many, many more that are out there. It’s nice to have a system you feel comfortable with and you can always play around and try new ones! The point is to have fun. No matter what system you end up going with the only way you won’t win is if you don’t play! Get your US Mega Millions tickets now and give yourself a chance to win the $53 million Mega Millions jackpot!

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