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Winning is a Dream Come True

With the Mega Millions lottery at an astounding $186 million ticket sales are really starting to take off as lottery players, both in the US and online, scramble to get their tickets on time! Mega Millions is currently the world’s largest jackpot and the prize that everyone would absolutely love to win as it is a life changer.

As millions of players buy tickets to Mega Millions there is no doubt that some of them will stop to think, ‘just which numbers should I play?’ You may very well be thinking that at this moment. The truth is that there are numerous ways and systems to pick lottery numbers and you’ll find players that swear by each and every one of them, or none of them.

However, one man in Iowa seems to have stumbled onto a system that works for him as he won $300,000 playing numbers that came to him in a dream.

“Actually I had a dream and in that dream it was hotel room number 2112, but I thought nothing of it,” Kelvin Wynn of Davenport, Iowa told lottery officials as he was claiming his prize.

That number, 2112, simply wouldn’t leave Wynn alone.

“Then the next day one of my clients’ address happened to be (2112) and I thought, ‘Oh, coincidence, no big deal.'”

But, the coincidences kept on coming. Later that same day, Wynn was stopped at a traffic light and the license plate in front of him was 2112 and the total for his purchase at the department store was $21.12.

The strange recurrence of this one number prompted Wynn’s wife to suggest that he play the lottery. Wynn, not a frequent lottery player, agreed.

Wynn found out that he’d won his $300,000 prize in the Iowa Lottery Pick 4 by checking the official results online. Wynn plans to use his winnings to pay off his children’s educational expenses, two of which just graduated and one is still in college.

Wynn is not alone in playing and winning with numbers that came to him in a dream, numerous players have had similar success. Also, sometimes players will have a strong feeling about a set of numbers that they will then decide to play. In some cases, these numbers turn out to be winners!

How to Pick Mega Millions Numbers

No matter how you decide to pick your Mega Millions numbers you will need to select five numbers correctly from a guess range of 1-75 as well as a bonus Mega Ball from a guess range of 1-15 to win the jackpot.

Be sure to get your online Mega Millions tickets now because the next draw is Friday 7 July 2017!

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