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Remember That Time I Won the Lottery?

It’s hard to stay cool when Mega Millions is heating up with a handsome $58 million jackpot that is just waiting for someone to come along and win it! That’s right, Mega Millions is on a tear, turning heads and confounding store clerks and websites alike as players from all over the world scramble to secure their entries before the next drawing.

A Jackpot you Won’t Forget

Mega Millions is a juicy $58 million, but how small would a jackpot have to be for you to forget about it? $24 million? One prize winner in New York, New York cashed in his $24 million winning ticket a mere two days before it was set to expire!

Local news stories about the unclaimed New York Lotto jackpot prompted the lucky ticket holder to check his ticket again! The winning ticket was found along with other old, used tickets and had been sitting for nearly a year before the winner checked and realized what he had.

The winning ticket, with the numbers 5, 12, 13, 22, 25, and 35, was purchased in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan from the Renu Corp Grocery & Tobacco.

Had the prize not been claimed it would have returned to the prize pool.

Can you believe it? This story is incredible; it’s almost like winning the lottery twice!

Don’t Forget to Play!

The Mega Millions draw on Tuesday produced no jackpot or 2nd prize winners. The winning numbers were 6, 13, 17, 33, 60 Mega Ball 14. Friday’s draw will be for an impressive jackpot of $58 million and there is only one reason why it would be impossible for you to win; because you didn’t buy a ticket. Solve that problem right away by playing Mega Millions online!

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