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Play Mega Millions in Australia

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The US Mega Millions lottery is one of the two top lotteries in the United States – and in the world. But, as regular visitor know, this lottery is not exclusively limited to players from the US! True, physical tickets can only be bought on American soil, but the beauty of living in the third millennium is that you can bring the world to your living room… online! And lotteries are no exception: you can play in virtually any lottery in the world, through dedicated providers. will provide you the tickets, with which you stand a chance of winning some of the most incredible lottery prizes you can ever imagine, including gigantic jackpots! So if you were wondering if it is possible to play Mega Millions in Australia, the answer is yes!

Australian lotteries are great, but Mega Millions is fabulous

We all know that our own Australian lotteries are as exciting as lotteries anywhere else in the world. But fair’s fair: the jackpots in our Ozzie lotteries are not quite up to par with the biggest lottery jackpots that are waiting in exciting lotteries in other territories. Mega Millions is an exceptional lottery, and there is ample proof of that! The two biggest jackpots ever were won in the Mega Millions lottery: $656 million in 2012 and $648 million in 2014. And many more jackpots of hundreds of millions of American dollars have been won, paid out and often shared by more than one winner. This lottery is the ultimate challenge for true lottery lovers all over the world – and certainly also for Australian lotto fanatics!

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There is no waiting line, you can start playing Mega Millions straight away! Click the banner below, or any other PLAY button on the site, and let us take you through a short and simple registration process to set you up! After that you can start playing directly, and benefit from a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer on your first purchase! How is that for a warm welcome!

Take a good shot and start hauling in those amazing Mega Millions jackpots!