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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy determines how we utilize personal information that is collected, retrieved and provided to us by visitors to our website. Our privacy policy further determines how information provided by individuals is stored on and any and all related subdomains that we manage. By agreeing to our privacy policy, you are expressly agreeing to the terms and conditions of use at

Introduction to our Privacy Policy

Personal information is defined as any information that is shared between a visitor to our website and us. We strive to protect the privacy of our visitors at all times. Our privacy policy is underscored by our codes of conduct, and it entails the sharing and storage of all information between visitors and It describes the choices available to visitors regarding the use of personal information that we use and collect. Simply put, personal information can be defined as all data that is used as standalone information, or in conjunction with other information at our site. It identifies an individual visitor, with reference to first/last name, profile, e-mail address and other contact information.
If you’re viewing this privacy policy in any language other than English, the English language version is the default version which takes precedence. Any errors, omissions or translation errors in languages other than English will result in the English version prevailing in governing the terms of our agreement with visitors/players. By using our website, you are expressly agreeing to the terms and conditions of our privacy policy. Further, you agree to the sharing of personal information between yourself and our company. Note that our privacy policy can be amended at any time to reflect changes that we wish to implement. We may, at our discretion, notify you via e-mail of any revisions made to our privacy policy. Changes will become effective 10 days after notifications have been sent.

The Nature of Personal Information We Collect

The general information that we collect does not require any active input on your part. However we do retrieve information in the following manner:

• You will be required to create an account
• We collect information in order to verify your identity
• We will collect information from you via the services that we offer
• We collect information when we transfer payments to you
• When you make purchases from our site, we may collect information from you to complete the transaction
• We keep log files, collect information when you contact us and we use cookies and other tracking methods

Please note that all information that you provide to us will be kept under the strictest security protocols. You have the right to stop receiving promotional content, SMS alerts or any other information from us at your discretion. Further, you may opt out of disclosing personal information; however this may preclude you from accessing certain parts of our website.