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The Mega Millions Story

Few lotteries can lay claim to as rich a history as the US Mega Millions lottery! Before we begin, it’s important to know and understand precisely what the Mega Millions lottery is . Simply put, the Mega Millions lottery is the biggest lottery draw in the United States, in the world even! Although it was known by a different name back in 1996 – the Big Game – the Mega Millions lottery was initially showcased on 6 September 1996. Six states were initially involved: Virginia, Michigan, Massachusetts, Illinois, Maryland and Georgia. By 2002, the lottery’s moniker had been changed to the now familiar US Mega Millions label and the jackpot prize pool had grown considerably. It’s important to understand how the US Mega Millions lottery started out, because this incredible jackpot game just keeps on getting bigger and bigger!

Mega Millions History: A Nationwide US lottery

By January 2010, an additional 23 state lotteries teamed up with the Mega Millions in the biggest ever agreement between the two major US lotteries: US Powerball and US Mega Millions. Today, the Mega Millions is played across 45 states and jurisdictions (including the US Virgin Islands and DC). Mega Millions history shows that the #1 biggest payday was recorded on 30 March 2012 in the amount of $656 million, with 3 winning tickets. Second to that was the December 17th 2013 draw where 2 lucky players shared $648 million. Get your Mega Millions lottery ticket today and become the next multimillionaire!