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The US Mega Millions Lottery ā€“ Play this Huge Lottery to Win!

US Mega Millions is an extremely popular American lottery game played across the United States which attracts lottery fans from all over the world. Mega Millions offers some of the biggest lottery jackpots around, including its amazing March 2012 record of $656 million, which was the world record holder at the time. Play the Mega Millions to win huge prizes! The Mega Millions lottery jackpots start off at $15 million and can rollover from draw to draw until they reach incredible amounts. Mega Millions draws take place on Tuesdays and Fridays, so you have two chances a week to win! If you love lottery games and you dream of winning lottery prizes, playing the US Mega Millions is a perfect fit. So, what are you waiting for? Get into the Mega Millions lottery action today!

Mega Millions Jackpot Is on the Rise

The Mega Millions jackpot extends its rollover streak and climbs to an enticing $73 million! It's great to see Mega Millons back on top of the lottery jackpot heap and that always makes the jackpot that much more exciting. Imagine the bragging rights of winning the largest jackpot in the world! Not to mention the fact that you will also be winning a life changing, dream enabling, huge amount of money. Of course, if you want to change your life and make your dreams come true there's one thing you need to do, play Mega Millions online and get ready to win big in the Tuesday 28 February drawing!

Play the Powerball for another chance to win big big big!

Powerball's jackpot just had its first roll over since being won by a single ticket holder in Indiana and has grown to an impressive $53 million, which is no longer the biggest in the world, but it's still an amazing amount! Purchase your Powerball tickets online now for the next draw on March 1st.

play the Mega Millions lotto online

Gigantic Jackpots and Cash Prizes up for grabs in US Mega Millions Lottery

The minimum guaranteed payout for second place is $1 million ā€“ a great appeal to players everywhere. Best of all, players have fantastic odds when playing the US Mega Millions: a 1/15 chance of hitting a prize in the 9 available prize divisions. Players all over the world can enjoy this American lottery game straight from the comforts of their homes, right here on! Buying tickets and playing the Mega Millions lottery is a quick and easy process. Match 5 of 75 regular numbers plus 1 Mega Ball number from a 1-15 guess range and the jackpot is yours!