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The US Mega Millions Lottery – You Too Can Play & Win!

US Mega Millions is an American lottery game played across multiple jurisdictions. The jackpots the Mega Millions lottery offers start at $15 million and can reach incredible amounts, surpassing the $600 million mark even! Jackpot winners pay a tax rate of 34%, and can choose to receive their win in yearly installments, or opt for the cash option to receive their lottery winnings at once. Mega Millions draws take place on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11 pm Eastern Standard Time. This exuberant US lotto has rewarded lucky players with two of the biggest lottery jackpots in history, the incredible $656 million jackpot of March 30, 2012 being the biggest Mega Millions jackpot to date.

Latest News: The US Mega Millions was won on 11 October's draw by one lucky ticket holder! Details are still to come, but the Mega Millions jackpot is slowly climbing its way back at $25 million. $25 million might not seem like much of a lottery jackpot but it makes for a pretty nice bank statement! If you want to see that sum in your accountget Mega Millions tickets fast so you're in it to win it on Friday 21 October!

Powerball has been growing steadily since 14 Septermber 2016 and the jackpot now stands at $151 million. This year the US Powerball jackpot has been putting up some stiff competition when it comes to jackpot size. It's been the world's largest a few times and is consistently bigger than Mega Millions. If you want to take a shot at the biggest US jackpot today, be sure to purchase Powerball tickets onlinefor the 22 October drawing!

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Gigantic Jackpots and Cash Prizes up for grabs in US Mega Millions Lottery

The minimum guaranteed payout for second place is $1 million – a great appeal to players everywhere. Best of all, players have fantastic odds when playing the US Mega Millions: a 1/15 chance of hitting a prize in the 9 available prize divisions. Players all over the world can enjoy this American lottery game straight from the comforts of their homes, right here on! Buying tickets and playing the Mega Millions lottery is a quick and easy process. Match 5 of 75 regular numbers plus 1 Mega Ball number from a 1-15 guess range and the jackpot is yours!